BYME is experienced in all E&M trades including Electrical, Mechanical, Ventilation & Air-conditioning, Fire Services, Plumbing & Drainage, Building Management System, ELV Systems and as well as Facility Management. We provide an entire spectrum of services to meet the clients' specific needs.

Our E&M team provides professional services in project management, innovative design, global equipment sourcing, installation, testing & commissioning, maintenance and for all kind of E&M systems including the High Voltage System, Ice Thermal Storage System, sustainable / energy efficient systems and others etc.

We have our own in-house CAD team supervised by experienced E&M Coordinators in the preparation and production of Combined Services Drawings (CSD) and Combined Builder’s Work Drawings (CBWD).

We have the ability to design and offer E&M package solution including fitting out and A&A works and have full control from the design stage to the final handover to the clients in particular for fast track projects.

Solid experience on prefabrication with comprehensive cutting sheets detailing the different components with full dimensions to enable the production of factory made items.

Moreover, we have a lot of proven records of proposing value engineering, which are accepted by the clients.  As a result, savings in terms of time and costs have been achieved.

Energy Audits

BYME (HK) supports its clients in their sustainability goals by providing them with professional and comprehensive energy audit services, complete with all the certification and other official documentation required of them under the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance (cap 610) of Hong Kong.

Employing benchmarks set out by the Ordinance, along with that of the Building Energy Code (BEC), Energy Audit Code (EAC) and Energy Audit Guild, our in-house Registered Energy Assessors (REAs) are fully-trained, qualified and have a professional and dedicated approach to energy assessment work.

Based on the results of the energy audits carried out, our REAs will also submit audit reports, draw up an Energy Utilization Index and prepare the official Energy Audit Form (for display at the building entrance) and offer recommendations, with regard to the energy management opportunities that building owners could capitalize on, to achieve long-term financial savings and sustainability benefits.

BYME (HK) is among a small handful of building services firms in Hong Kong authorized to issue Energy Audit Certification to building owners who have undergone a proper audit process with a satisfactory outcome.

From an engineering perspective, our REAs have the knowledge and experience and are professionally qualified to provide effective green solutions for every project they handle, including advice and onsite assistance with system upgrades as well as retrofit/ renovation projects tailored to the specific needs of the buildings concerned.