Award of HKBU 2-Year Term Contract for HVAC, FS and P&D at Kowloon Tong and Kai Tak Campus

20 Jul 2011

A letter of Award from Hong Kong Baptist University was received on 23 June 2011 for a 2-Year (2011 to 2013) Term Contract for the Maintenance and Renovation Works for the  following systems at HKBU - Kolwoon Tong & Kai Tak Campus.

  • HVAC System

  • Fire Services System

  • Plumbing and Drainage System

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Award of HKJC 3-Year Term Contract for E&M Installations at Happy Valley & Shatin Racecourse

28 Jun 2011

A letter of Award from HKJC was received on 30 May 2011 for the 3-Year Term Contract for Electrical and Mechanical Installations at Happy Valley and Shatin Racecourse.  The works are being done on site which include the Site Survey of the existing E&M Services, Renovation or Retrofit works etc. for the following installations in Year 2011 to 2014 with another year as an Option.

  • MVAC Installation

  • Electrical Installation

  • Fire Servcies Installation

  • Plumbing & Drainage Installation

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Award of Airport Authority Contract M678 - Enhancement Works for Chilled Water System

30 May 2011

A Letter of Acceptance was received on 4 May 2011 from Airport Authority for carrying out the Enhancement Works for Chilled Water System which includes: -

  • Provision of pipework & associated material for completion of the works

  • Relocation of chiller, assoicated pumps  & valve from T2 to T1 chiller plant room

  • Provision of associated Electrical and CCMS installation

  • Provision of associated Structural and Architectural Builder's Works and Finishes